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Lovextensions, The worlds SMALLEST hair extension system
LOVEXTENSIONS…The worlds SMALLEST hair extension system
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Become a Certified Stylist

Becoming a LOVEXTENSIONS Certified Stylist is more than just knowing how to attach hair extensions. It’s learning how to successfully perform hair extension services with the highest quality hair, the industry’s most innovative methods and marketing support... read more

Hair Extensions

LOVEXTENSION, Hair Extensions are 100% Virgin AAA Grade quality, human hair that is direct from Europe. The hair is reusable and comes with a 12 month guarantee... read more


Whether your a Stylist, Salon Owner, Indepentant Contractor or a Distributor and are interestd in using or stocking our LOVEXTENIONS professional hair extension system... read more

Lovextensions debuted the worlds SMALLEST micro bead hair extension system at Sydney's Hair Expo 2013. Overwhelming a crowd of hairdressers with the Smallest Micro Bread System, Lovextensions Artistic Team Members transformed models with thin, short and medium hair to long beautiful luxurious locks with in-depth demonstrations.
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LOVEXTENSIONS, the worlds SMALLEST Micro Bead Hair Extension System and  is the latest innovation in hair extension technology, No Heat, No Glue, No Braids, No Damage. The hair extension is already bonded and it has the unique Lovextensions connector attached to the hair. The Lovextensions hair is reusable and comes with a 12 month guarantee.

Microlinks techniques are gentle, safe and natural hair extension system, you can add length, volume and highlights in just a few hours. The links are made from flexible copper tubing that is squeezed shut to hold the hair in place. This will last up to 5 months with proper care and maintenance. Lovextensions micro beads are arguably the best method of application of hair extensions.

A small metal tube is clamped over the real hair to attach extension hair.  Micro Bead hair extensions are individually stranded that have a plastic loop at the tip to thread your hair through the micro beads and is then clamped closed bonding the extension to your natural hair.

Micro-beads are light weight with a silicon inner lining to prevent hair extensions from slipping. Due to the light weight of the rings there is no damage to the roots of your existing hair. Removal is simply done by lightly unclamping the micro-beads allowing the extensions to fall out. Micro-beads are a safe alternative for people with sensitive skin as adhesive removers are not needed.

LOVEXTENSIONS offers next day delivery anywhere in Australia.

Our Technique

We offer the full range of techniques so that we meet each clients needs. You can see a demonstration of all of the techniques, and you can choose which one is right for you and your hair.

This popular method involves strands of hair that have the unique tip of the Lovextensions, which look like the tips on your shoelaces, and little metal rings which are called micro beads. 

Micro Bead Method Explained: Taking a hand tool, a small section of your hair is inserted into the micro ring, which is pushed up to the root. The unique tip of the Lovextension hair is then inserted in to the micro bead alongside your own hair. The micro ring is sealed flat to secure the hair extension hair effectively.

Our micro beads are the smallest beads available. Once fitted, they are discreet and will not be noticeable to you or anyone else. Our micro beads are also lined with a silicone inner, which completely prevents slippage.

The Micro Bead method is popular because:

  • No heat or glue involved when fitting the hair extensions
  • The fitting process takes less time
  • Hair Extensions – guaranteed for 12 months
  • Removal and reinstallation is fast, simple and safe

We are happy to demonstrate this method to you. We can position some hidden test hair extensions for you, so you can experience what they feel like to wear.

The micro bonding method is the most technical method for fitting Hair Extensions. It is rarely offered by mobile technicians, who prefer to rely on easier methods which are less versatile.


Micro Bonding Method Explained: Taking strands of loose hair, keratin resin is applied to the tip. This keratin tip is then placed against a small section of your hair, and a sealed bond is formed by rolling and pinching. The hair extension hair is now fully fused with your own hair by the small, rice-shaped bond.

Our Hair Extensionists are experts and love this versatile technique.

As we are using loose hair, and not pre-tipped strands, each bond can be tailored. For example, we can fit the teeny tiniest undetectable bonds to extend a fringe, or we can fit more hair into a smaller surface area if and when required. This versatility is not offered by any other method.

Our hair extensionists will continually adjust the size of the bonds during the fitting process so that your new hair moves really naturally, as if you have grown it yourself.

The Micro bonding method is popular because:

  • The new hairdo has natural movement
  • The Hair Extensions are more comfortable to wear
  • Teeny tiny bonds can be placed in fringes and at the temples
  • Permanent Hair Extensions – lasts for 4 months
  • Removal is simple and safe

We are happy to demonstrate this method to you. We can position some hidden test hair extensions for you, so you can experience what they feel like to wear.

Sourced directly from Europe                     

We have a supplier in Europe who has consistently amazed us for three years.  We import the finest quality hair directly from Russia which means we can cut out the middle man and bring you the highest quality hair available.

This hair is silky and has natural shine and lustre.  You can forget that you have extension and wear this hair as if you grew it.

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